Wednesday, February 27, 2019


The surfer guy is the one who informed the rockstar that he can have this space by this famous beach to have his gig. So we're going to check it out on what is actually there and how can we organise a show there.

Not-really-Bruce Wayne drives the Batmobile like how it's supposed to be driven. Fast and furious. It's one hell of a ride. He has been on the Batmobile for few times already so he knew what to expect. This superior German technology is really something. Because it's a superfast moving machine, the ride only took like 20 minutes when it will normally take at least half an hour.

As they reached there, surfer guy brings them to this hut cum small shop where they met with this Afghan guy and his French girlfriend. The Afghan guy is quite friendly but his girlfriend is not so. Maybe because she can't speak English very well. He thinks. Anyway, he thought that the Afghan guy is the owner of this space but it turns out he's not. So surfer guy brings him to this owner of the space.

They walk towards this kinda huge tree by the beach to meet the owner. As they are reaching to where the owner is, he feels it's like in a mafia's godfather or a drug cartel movie where the scene when someone needs to see the leader, the leader is busy playing with the kids. So that's how he feels when he sees that the owner is busy playing with his kids under this kinda huge tree. Minus the bodyguards of course.

As he shakes the owner's hand, he immediately shakes off the Godfather's theme song that is playing in his mind. He can get carried away sometimes. They smile at each other and introduced themselves. The conversation starts with the space and what he should do first in order to organise a show there. He was expecting it to be a club near the beach but it seems like the owner doesn't have that kinda facility and can only offer a spot near the beach. Everything needs to be put up from scratch. Also he needs to come up with a proposal to use the spot because some areas are owned by the state's royalty. Jeez. That's just too much work. He thinks to himself.

When there is too much work just to put up a show for a few bands playing, then it's not really worth it. He already made up his calculations. To set up a stage. To put up fence around the area so people can't get in for free. To get the equipments for the show. Too much effort and money. He can't afford that. This kinda stuff is best for bigger events where you can opt for sponsors and this can only happen in about a year time. All the proposals, approvals, promotions and shits. You can't do it in a few months time. This is just too much.

He didn't tell the owner what he thinks about all this instead, he tells him that he will think about it. The owner is talking a lot about being mindful to the tenants around the area. Music can't be played after midnight and not to have problems with the authority blah..blah..blah. He was not paying attention. Instead, he's focusing more on the beautiful ocean. It's sunny and breezy. He feels alive and loves the feeling of being near the sea. He feels blessed.

As he shakes the owner's hand again to bid goodbye, the Godfather's theme song plays softly in his mind. He always get carried away...


The weather is always hot nowadays. The best place to be would be somewhere...air-conditioned. They arrived at this place. It's meant to be a paid co-working space. It's also new. Could be the next hip thing in his town.

The place put up a gig recently for a bluesy cover band. The singer/guitarist looks like John Mayer by the way. He plays the guitar like Mayer too. He knew that guy. Not John Mayer. His rockstar friend also played a two-song set that night. Because John Mayer look alike asked him to. The gig was okay.

As they entered the premise, the owner welcome them and immediately recognised his rockstar friend. The owner loves the rockstar's songs. He even got his CD signed by the rockstar. While making the payment he asked the owner about the lightning bolt signs he noticed around the place, whether they're meant for AC/DC. No! They're meant for David Bowie. The owner is a huge fan. Ziggy Stardust. Okay. The owner knows his stuff.

They head upstairs where the tables are. When they are about two discuss about the rockstar's band, the owner came and sat with them. Instead of having a discussion and some plannings for the rockstar's band, the conversation now tilted to stuff about doings shows and events. Once in a while discussing about favorite bands and what they normally listened to. The owner and him talk more about this stuff while not-really-Bruce Wayne and rockstar just listen. When it comes to music he can sometimes be unstoppable. He knows his stuff.

Music is something that he really enjoys. Not any kind of music. Specifically something that is quite obscure. Obscure in the sense of not being popular in his country. You know. The type of bands that when you ask the majority, they won't have a clue. He has been digging this kind of music and bands for more than a quarter century. For instance, in the States, if you mentioned The Ramones, it's quite a pop culture there. Even school kids dig them (not sure now). But here, only few knows about The Ramones' existence. The Ramones is the greatest Rock N Roll band in the world. Period! But too bad, here it's Michael Learns To Rock. Shit. They don't even have a rock song to boot!

After about an hour, the owner had to leave because of having a lunch date with his girlfriend. The owner insisted that they come and visit him again as he got a lot of things to discuss. They nodded as an agreement for another meeting soon. But maybe not very soon. Once the owner left, they went outside to have a cigarette and discussing on where should they be heading next. Rockstar says that they should go to the famous beach to check out a space for their upcoming show.

So they're heading there next. But before that, they need to fetch another guy. A surfer. He calls the surfer guy on his mobile and they agreed to meet at this one well-known food court in town.

Again. To the Batmobile!...

Thursday, February 21, 2019


The cafe is new. Opened about three days ago. It belongs to a friend of the rockstar. It is small and decent in the middle of the town. The latte is okay. He had one "nasi lemak" and two pieces of toast just good enough to feed his hunger. He doesn't eat too much because he's quite watchful about his weight. But sometimes he just doesn't give a damn and devour whatever is on the table. But he's no glutton.

While he's enjoying his food, he received a call on his mobile. Another rockstar (an old rockstar) wanted to meet him. He gives him, his whereabout and this another rockstar agrees to meet him at the cafe. This rockstar then arrived about 10 minutes later and they started discussing about a CD release for this old rockstar's band. He gave him the quotations and explained thoroughly about the cost and all. Old rockstar agrees to get back to him once he finalised what is needed. It was very brief because he's very good in explaining things to people. Always. Unless if he's dealing with a thick person. But that's another story.

After they had a few cigarettes, old rockstar bid goodbye as he got another appointment. So not-really-Bruce Wayne, the rockstar and him, decided to go somewhere else where they can discuss about the rockstar's band. They are thinking about a new place that they could hang out and have their discussion there.

To the Batmobile!!!...

Monday, February 18, 2019


The weather is hot but nice. While in the Batmobile, he chats a little with his friend. Asking each other about how they're doing and all. The usuals when you meet a friend kinda talk. He finds out that his friend was a little sick. But not that serious. His friend has been working his ass off, go around the east coast towns for debt collection. Too many people owe him money. Huge amount. Very huge amount. So these things give him headache hence being a little sick of the whole affair. He just nodded to his friend to tell him that he understands the pain. He does.

He gives the rockstar a call asking him to wait at the usual place. When they reach the spot, rockstar is still not there so he gives him another call. Rockstar answers and says he needs to go back home as he'd left something. After about 3 minutes, rockstar arrives and gets in the car. "Can I smoke in the car?", asked the rockstar. That is one polite rockstar. The not-really-Bruce Wayne gives a nod. And off they go. 

Their first stop is to get some breakfast. He is hungry. Freaking hungry.  


He wakes up to his phone alarm. The chorus of "All I Want" by The Lightning Seeds was set as his alarm. He likes the chorus very much. It's catchy. But it sounds so "needy". And he still likes it. He likes this kinda sad, poetic, desperate sounding words from songs. Desperate such as the ones penned by Morrissey that goes "I know you love one person but..why can't you love two??". If that's not desperate, then he doesn't know what is. Well Morrissey has a lot more songs of desperations and fragilities. He could be in pain AND a pain sometimes. But that's just Morrissey. And he still likes him.

It's his off day and he's got something planned. He needs to meet up with some people. Friends. Rockstar. About music. About a band. About a place they need to see. He hits the shower. Briefly. Gets into his shorts, makes him think about the Screeching Weasel song now, "I Wanna Be A Homosexual". It goes, "Who wear short shorts? You wear short shorts. You're so full of shit. Why don't you admit that you don't have the balls to be a queer..." He likes the song. It stuck up, not just to the masses' ass but even to some people who claimed to be punk rock too. The overtly religious punk rocker. That's tragically funny. He thinks.

As planned, his friend arrived at about half past 10, in a sporty vehicle made possible by the superior German technology. The car sometimes reminds him of the Batmobile. It could be because of the colour. Or maybe his friend looks a bit like Bruce Wayne.....
Nah! It's the colour.

So off they go. To get the rockstar...(in a Batmobile)...


The ride back home is not the same as any other day of the week. It’s Friday and he’s on the lookout for any men in blue on bikes. They can be quite nasty if he’d ever being stopped by them. Interrogation. Questions and all. Even if he could answer them all, they will try their best to book him for whatever petty reason. But he’s quite sure he won’t be stopped tonight. He knew he won't.

Since it’s the beginning of the weekend, the highway is filled with many egocentric morons. Low powered bikes with their high self esteem riders are doing what they’re good at on this highway. Risking their lives and others. He understands that it is one of the most rebellious thing to do but when you are endangering the lives of others, that is just plain selfish. And stupid. This kind of rebellion is just not for him.

Exhaust pipes screaming, loud and deafening as these illegal racers passed him by. But within a few seconds it sounded like a flight of mosquitos when they are already at a distance. The further away they are, the lesser he could listen to the sound. Losers!

He’s almost halfway reaching home. Still on the highway. Glancing at the half full moon. Then out of a sudden, two locally produced cars, modified to be sporty, also getting their shares on the highway with some cheap thrills racing action. Boy, this is even more pathetic. More losers!

He reaches home safely. Parks his bike carefully. The grill is fine but now the sliding door is giving him some trouble. It won’t slide to shut. He’s tired and doesn’t want to deal with it at the moment. He just left it ajar.


Saturday, February 16, 2019


At 4pm, he’s still at home struggling with his bowel movements. It’s not constipation but he feels quite uneasy down there. He gets out of the bathroom, unrelieved and lies down on his bed. He texts his peer that he’ll be a little late. Looking at the ceiling, contemplating whether to have another go or should he just take his shower and get ready for work. He soon chooses the latter. His stomach feels a little better. Not because he’s doing anything about it but because he’s not doing anything about it. And it’s just sort of…go away. 

The bike ride is pretty sweet today. The day is sunny and nice. He feels a lot better with this kind of weather. He’s thinking that this should be the best time to be at the beach. But he needs to work. He resides in this coastal town that is very well known of its clean and white sandy beaches. People from the outside gets a little too excited about these beaches. But they surely are nice. At least to him. And maybe for some outsiders.

As he reaches his destination, he parks his bike at his usual spot, in front of a small vegetable garden that one of his peers had worked on. He notices that the brinjals are getting bigger and grew up beautifully. That is one piece of work. He walks in through the back entrance and finds the usual group with their mobile activities. He joins in only to sit at the same table with them. Checking his phone again for some good news. Still none. Trying to not thinking about it, he asks his peers what would they like to have since he wants to cook for his late lunch. They say anything will do. They are not really answering him because they are more focused on their mobile games. He lets them be and walks into the kitchen...