Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hentikan Penindasan!!!

The situation in Gaza didn’t show any sign that it will be any better soon. Both retaliating sides are neglecting cease fire proposed by the UN and of course, the world. Even if the Hamas is slowing down, I don’t think that Zionist will follow pace. More casualties, increasing by hour and we all are watching helplessly this ‘legal’ genocide backed up by the US. So much of being a world police, eh?

What are you gonna do about this, Mr Obama??? After all… you are the ‘chosen one’!!!

As much as we try to shout out for justice and peace in Gaza, our voices will still fall on deaf ears. But that doesn’t mean that the struggle should end there. It must continue!

And because of this belief, 4 young lads decided to put something which from my observation, is honest and with a kick in the ass. ‘Hentikan Penindasan’ (Stop The Oppression) is the best slogan that one could come up with during this situation in Gaza but Dum Dum Tak had actually voiced it out with a mini album (playing time considered). Maybe it was not intentionally but this should be an instance of perfect timing.

13 tracks of straight forward punkrock with a vengeance. Melodic and catchy sing along choruses with no bubble gum lyrics included. Politically inclined, not in depth but will definitely arouse your awareness. If you can’t handle ‘Pantat Kau’ (Your Pussy or the southern/Singapore posse will definitely refer it as Your Ass) or ‘Pergi Jahanam Kau’ (To Hell With You), then you should just settle down with DEP songs… hehehe…

Lyrics and melody were exceptionally executed. Can’t deny that there are repetition of ideas but these guys made them all sound fresh. The energy and attitude were so apparent which simply make this release a statement to be acknowledged.

Personally, I think this could be a new benchmark for all DIY enthusiasts which I believe, I have mentioned some time before. Being DIY is not about being half-assed. Put your heart into it and you’ll be amazed of the result. There’s no formula. It’s pure faith!

Kudos to DDT on their new release apart from all the shortcomings during the making and also Dave Danker’s current situation. I’m wishing them heaps of success in the future and more good releases to come.


p/s: Go here for more info about the band.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kiah rules!!!!!

This morning I checked my mailbox and was really glad that I did. If not, I would have missed the opportunity to have my new fix of … music for the day. Hah!

Yep. It is a package which I expected coming from my ‘tokan’. He’d never fail to deliver. Thanks tokan.

This is a selection of 90’s melodic punk/hardcore bands. In it there is this band called Bouncing Souls. I’m not really ‘the’ fan of BS but for me they’re cool even some critics said that they sounded like Rancid and the like. Well, people with opinions. Eventhough I’m only into two of their albums (Maniacal Laughter and The Good, The Bad And The Argyle), I guess BS has indeed survived with their own brand of sound and of course, songwriting!

There’s a song titled, ‘Quick Check Girl’ – I have been listening to this song for ages but never had the chance to really read through the lines. Not until today. Only now I noticed how funny (or was it hopeless romantic?) one’s experience could be and amazingly, it was well executed with finesse in the song. And the punch line will always be in… you’ll know where to find it.

Four ‘oi!’(s) to Bouncing Souls!

Listen to the song here.

The first Wednesday I saw her
there smiling at me with here blue eyes
and curly hair i couldn't wait till next week
to make the stop see her at the
quick check paper drop.
Every Wednesday we'd count the papers
we'd have a laugh at the people in their suits
no one seemed to notice how she was different
but i did and i knew.
Another Wednesday came and it
seemed it was right so i wrote her a note that i
hoped she would like
dear Kiah would you like to go with me to the boardwalk
what fun it will be
we'll eat cotton candy and we'll get french
fries with vinegar and get a
plate of funnel cake then we'll go on the
zipper look out on the ocean
and puke it all up all the people will scream
we can have a laugh what do you say?
that's what it said in the note.
Another week went by
and she never called another week came and
she wished she had she just
broke up with her fiance and things were kinda crazy
with her i said i understood, another week went by
and she never called but i thought
about the way she looked at me and said to myself maybe..
i pulled into the quick check at 6am to see the sun coming up
when i walked in Kiah wasn't there. The manager said
she quit she isn't here
"Do you want me to help you count the papers?"