Friday, June 5, 2009

Some updates and hopefully more good things to come…

Hello good people,

Thanks for all your best wishes… I’m deeply moved to know that you guys have provided a little space for DEP deep within your hearts. We’re not worthy. Maybe I don’t know some of you personally, but still, it shows that we have the same feelings. Feelings of loss, maybe… but not TOTAL loss! Rest assured…

Okay, moving forward. I’m calling for all labels, distros or individuals to contact me should you are interested in selling DEP’s CD. I also have some t-shirts left (less than 10 pieces maybe) with limited colours and sizes. So gmail me or leave your contact details at the shoutbox.

I’m also calling for individuals who are interested in producing music. I’m currently looking for a bassist. But if you play other instruments and interested to collaborate, I’m always open for discussion. If you can do vocals, that will be cool!
I’m really looking forward for this. Cheers!


p/s: Even if the band is no longer together, does not mean that the spirit should end there too. So for the love, friendship and spirit (of doing things that you love), This One's Forever!!!