Sunday, June 8, 2008

7th June 08..EVENT!...EVENT!...

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Yes. 7th June 08 will always be remembered.

Let me share with you the details.

1) Kurasa Something @ Wondermilk.

Atie and me arrived there at about 6.30pm. John Hafiz and Fahmi(FSF) were there to welcome us. There were already some people there but none that I'm familiar with. After awhile Arif @ Robert Smith arrived with Bob (The Pilgrims). The show only started at about 6.45pm with the first band to take the spot, "Lords Sunny Day". They're playing some jazz-rock kinda tunes and believe that all were originals songs. Not bad. They only have a short set and played 3 songs.

After that we have Irman Hilmi, playing some tunes from his laptop. Songs played were Anyone Else But You(Moldy Peaches), Ten Storey Love Songs(The Stone Roses), Love Will Tear Us Apart(Joy Division) and some other ambience stuff which I don't know who. At the same time Atie sold quite a number of InnerView to the attendees. Not bad at all!

Roughly at 8pm, we have the Cover Ups consist of Bob, the other Bob (Arif Smith) and Fahmi strutting their stuff. They're like barely cooked, off timings and lyrics but still got a good respond from the crowd. They played songs like I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones), Runaway (Del Shannon) and Fight For Your Rights (ACAB) just to name a few. They also requested me to sing a song for them, I Who Have Nothing Too from DEP. For the sake of having some good laughs, why not, eh?

Immediately after the Cover Ups set ended, I briefly bid goodbye to the gang as I needed to rush to Pelita Hati. I missed the charity's auction and Deepset's set but I believe everything should be going on well. Cheers to the people who had been involved in organising such a cool event! I repeat... COOL event.

2) It's Just Another Job @ Pelita Hati Art Gallery

Arrived at about 8.30pm, luckily it was still in the midst of a speech given by a grey haired guy. I'm not sure who. Greeted by DEP's drummer BEM at the door, who had already arrived with his girlfriend. Took a peek inside and saw Awi (the artist) sitting in front listening to the speech. Waved at him to get his acknowledgement of my presence. He smiled back. So I went outside and mingled with the attendees. Familiar faces like Fathul, Avroco, Rahmat Haron, Melissa, Weng, Poodien, Ise and Ujang were there among others. Tojeng and Man Ganu arrived a little later. There were also some of Avroco's international friends, present. Did some catching ups and sold some CDs. Atie's InnerView again were sold like hot cakes. Wow!

At about 9.15pm, Avroco who was known as Avacado & The Bad Voices for the night, strutting his stuff with his originals that sounded like Bob Dylan minus the Trengganu accent. Spotting D and A chords on most of his songs, I'm struggling to hear what he was singing as the mic was not really helping in enhancing his vocals. And with Avroco's signature singing, I can only rely on my optical sense to appreciate his performance. He played quite a number of songs and got good respond from the crowd. Cheers!

As soon as Avroco got off the spot, DEP's name was announced and we immediately grabbed our instruments and get on with the first song, Noir (an unreleased material). And then moved on to Where I Belong, This One's Forever and lastly, a cover from Motorpsycho called Waiting For The One... Every song went smoothly minus the problem with the mics. There was also a side performance or some would call it a back up dancing while we're playing This One's Forever and Waiting For The One, courtesy of Avroco's international friend. What's his name by the way?It feels like Hiburan Minggu Ini bersama DEP kinda thing. Hahaha! Anyway thanks to that guy for supporting our act and thank god for not having a real gun. If not, we'd really have a real BLAST then.

Yeah. All and all, everything went smoothly. Only noticed that our old buddies like Ed and Jadam also present after we ended our set. After some photo sessions with Awi and thanked him for inviting us, we decided to go to Restoran Pelita Bangsar for supper and surprisingly got ourselves some football stickers from a promoter. Yes, what a way to end our lovely day. Free football stickers!

See ya!


Important Note:
For art lovers/collectors, check out Awi's works that will be exhibited at Pelita Hati from 31st May till 18th June 08. They're simply brilliant! For more info go here.


easeart jalil said...

The pictures look like all of you had a blast. Too bad I couldn't come though. Anyways congrats on the show and the publication of Innerview Issue #1. Great things will come your way, my friends!

DEP said...

Yeah we did have a blast Bo. Again, thanks for the wishes and maybe you can join us next time. How's Tioman btw? ;)


heartbeat said...


mentallyaddicted said...

acai nama betul shahir ke?
atie tu kawannya si abs ke?
heh,tak sangka plak.
what a small world gitu...cewah

DEP said...

eh zaza kenal abs ke?

mentallyaddicted said...

pernah duduk dgn abs masa dia lecturer Lim Kok Weng dulu.
skg dia dah jadi model berjaya kan hehe.
cantik sgt!

DEP said...

haha..wat a small world :)

mentallyaddicted said...

atie & acai, nanti jemput dtg kenduri saya 9 ogos ni di kuantan.
tunggu nanti saya kasi kad ye.