Friday, April 17, 2009

Jangan Marah Jika Terjumpa Pakcik Hussain Ketika Hujan…

Yanti wrote this in the shoutbox…

h bro, can you comment abt those band out there suc as MUH or hujan...i think they really suck..full of crap..didn't u tire looking of these jerk ba
I belive originally they are indie yr band, unfortunely now days the word of indie no longer at ther band
i hate them so much..!!!

(I’m leaving the comment as it is cuz amendments might divert it from it’s actual meaning.)

To tell you the truth Yanti, I have nothing to say about these 2 bands. Whatever genre that they claimed to champion is just none of my business. Indie, ballad, rock or pop? Let them shove it up their asses.

From your comment, I can understand your frustration. But seriously, there’s nothing much we can do about it. This is something which is beyond our control. We can’t tell people something like, “Don’t call yourself a rocker… you’re not that ROCK!!" Numsayin'?

I assume you’re young. So the raging hormones just make you want to spit on these people’s faces who, more or less, being untrue to the thing that you believe in. Does the word POSER ring a bell? I hope so. Still, people have every right to be whatever they want to be… and if they choose to be POSERS for the rest of their lives.. then let them be.

Yanti, no matter how hard you try to curb this ‘indie’ culture from embracing the mass, it will make its way to the mass with the help of fertile development of technology. Even if you’re in Timbuktu and as long as you have an internet connection, you will know how MUH or Hujan sounds like.

It’s a mainstream life cycle. Whatever that is categorised as ‘trendy’ stays and will enjoy the limelight, for some time. If anyone gets lucky enough, they’ll be evergreen like POP YEH YEH. Once the people had enough, they’ll ditch it and look for the latest fad. Remember this word… TRENDY…

Still, there is something that you can do. You can boycott the bands that you hate by not buying their stuff and not going to their shows. That’s a passive way of doing things but if you think that you need to do things aggressively, a haters club (as opposed to fan club, is there any other name for this?) or making trouble at shows will be some good options to think about. Wearing t-shirts sporting hate remarks on the bands can also convey a very clear message. Hehehe..

‘Indie’ is such a dirty word nowadays. I myself feel so yucky to associate my band with the ‘I’ word. I’m sticking to ‘manic depressive’ now so I hope I’ll be the first (in Malaysia) to put this as a band statement. Manic – cuz the songs were fused with so many music genre and Depressive – well read the words and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I’ll change it again once it becomes trendy. So watch this space… Haha!

As I always believe in going against the hype, I’m considering putting my band back to that Punk 77 kinda sound. Or back to hardcore punk/skatepunk era… Where the whole attitude is just like, “I don’t give a fuck, I’ll smash your windscreen or grind your doorsteps with my skateboard, you cunt!”… Yeah, I should do that. I don’t know. I’m writing nonsense already.

Well, I guess that’s it. Just fuck it! That’s the best way to deal with this. Fuck it!

All the best Yanti!!!


p/s: But I’m really considering a skatepunk band… ;)


Pipiyapong said...

Gua syak skang shuffle lagi indie dari indie..kah kah kah

Weed and Bandages said...


aku suka entri hat ni. aku baca sambil senyum.

yeah. semua trendy. (kot?) ntah. aku pun tak dengaq dan tak hafal lagu depa kecuali tiba2 keluaq kot iklan.

adik aku kalau sebut MUH sebab bangga gila sebab balak dia kenal baik one of the members dan aku dalam hati "WTF?"


aku macam biasa. dengaq band yang sama. layan lagu yang tu jugak. kurang update lagu2.

dan yang paling aku kurang ambil tahu, jenis apa music tu, aku peduli apa, janji layan. hahaha.

jadi katakan mp3 list aku Pink Flyod, tiba2 jump to Radiohead, kena pulak lepaih tu Moloko.

so, list aku memang takdak kena mengenalah dengan trendy 'hujan' waktu subuh atau 'pakcik hussain' kain pelekat jarang.


al razy said...

Back to skatepunk lah dude.
I'll be at the front stage nanti. sure lu terkenang zaman Minority dulu kan?

Phanter skate lagi tak skarang?

Nervhous Records said...

no fun at all?


acai, aku nok dgr lagu minority ade x??? kalu ade aku nk release.

teru said...

entah lah bagi aku sound DEP memang dah unik, ingat lagi 1st time beli korang punya EP dari Fathul ke Jijoe? hish! tak ingat lak... memang unik! tapi apa-apa pun best lagi sound korang waktu live sebab boleh dengar punya best meletup-letup... hish! terkenang kenangan 10 tahun yang lalu...

DEP said...

Pipiyapong - Tidak syak lagi... ;P

Weed and Bandages - Aku sampai syampu New & Trendy pon aku tak suka... ;)

al razy - Tu la terkenang jugak sebenanye. Panther aku ingat dah tak skate dah.. Aku pun sama..Bile nak start balik pun tak tau lagi... :(

nervhous records - no fun at all - 'beachparty' antara melodic hardcore yang terbaik stakat ni. pasal minority nanti kite bincang ;)

teru - betul ke sound live kitorang meletup-letup? satu dua je kot... live yang lain selalunya koyak sebab masalah intoksikasi yang agak parah..haha :)


teru said...

ha ha ha tak pasti lah sebab aku sempat tenguk few gigs je yang korang perform zaman tu... lah nie umuq dah 34, mana ada lagi gie gig sekarang tapi kalau buat nya Stone Crows, DPSA, Spiral Kinetic Circus, DEP, Minority, shitworker, Deflowered ( pernah ke band nie main gig ) etc reunite nak lah jugak gie tenguk....

kinto said...

I dont know bout you guys..but s for me, Hujan & Meet Uncle Hussein is not the kind of indie I listen to. I grew up in Ipoh, and bein an 80's kid has taken a toll on me growing up..hehe..

Some popular sound of Indie i adore (its like my childhood hero of some sort)is Dinosaur Jr and a local band called "Muck".

They started as early as the 90's and I cant quite figure out other types of indie-rock music other than that. Forgive me for being so naive.

In my opinion,we dont need hate club or boycotting or even labelling people as "Poseur".

What we do need is intelligent listeners that could judge fr themselves. Music,after all, is a personal state of mind.Like it,listen,dont like it,do not.

Just my 2 cents.

P/s: Disaster Funhouse is the tune im listening when i'm sk8ing.heheh


Elly Rocker said...

kalau dulu ade org panggil kite poser/trendies, kompem menyirap, rase nak cakap muke die, rase nak tarik seluar die bg nampak boboi sebab perkataan itu adelah satu hinaan yg sgt2 makan dalam. cube panggil benda tuh kt budak2 sekarang.. tak lut pun.. yup, memang geli bila kita nak labelkan band kita indie, pasal term indie nih dah jadi terlalu global. jadi rasanya lebih selamat kalau kita buat band crusty saja, jadi term indie tuh tak dpt digunakan. :p

tension pala otak, baik layan dog eat dog - al boro king

DEP said...

teru - band-band yang ko sebut tu memang hampir se-era la.. would love to see them reunited and play again. :)

kinto - your 2 cents worth more for sure. thanks for sharing. :)

Elly Rocker - Who's the king? X3 hehehe ;)


dean said...


i suppose this article kena include dalam next innerview, aite? :)