Saturday, April 5, 2008

DEP @ No Black Tie (2003)

Anyone you know in this picture?

This is the last show we played before we gone missing for few years. I still haven't got my double-chin and extra belly in these photos. I miss that skinny guy!

The show was not going so well since I did not bring a guitar strap and my guitar fucked me up big time by keeping silent (wiring issues) and it took us like 15mins to get prepared. I still remember that Roslan Aziz was the soundman or something. I'm totally pissed cuz I had blew my chance to impress him and sign me under R.A.P................ NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you can't win all the time...

Anyway, thanks to everybody for your patience that night...It has never been our intention to keep you guys waiting...

p/s: Kuchalana delivered one hell of a show that night. Full of intensity and passion. But sadly, Zemang was missing... :(

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